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//Cloud Migration

Business complexity simplified

Femotronics is a leading cloud migration services, consulting, deployment and solutions provided

We help verious organizations in porting their existing systems plan strategy and proper deployment for your success. Following steps are to execute the process of cloud migration:

    • Analyzing the challenges and risks before moving to cloud platform
    • Evaluating the existing infrastructure and software to determine which system is best suited for the cloud
    • Identifying applications that can be more valuable by moving them to the cloud
    • Identifying the cloud service provider best suited for the customer’s service needs
    • Our highly-experienced consultants work closely with your organization and perform a detailed review of your IT infrastructure and provide recommendations for cloud migration along with the following cloud-based services.

Maximizing the Value of the Cloud with the Right Partner

Whether you are looking to migrate to the cloud, or already in the cloud and seeking to optimize its usage, schedule your consultation today to learn how we can add real value
Migrate to the cloud on schedule and on budget with full visibility into both your legacy systems and cloud applications. companies are using us to enable successful cloud migrations and digital transformations worldwide. Migrations include moving any workload from an on-premises environment, hosting facility, or other public cloud. What we will cover in the consultation based on where you are in the journey.

Looking to migrate to the cloud

Looking to migrate to the cloud
1. Your current infrastructure footprint
2. Drivers behind moving to the cloud
3. Financial business case
4. Cloud platform alternatives and which one makes more sense for you – e.g. AWS vs. Azure, Google, etc.
5. The advantages of Auxis’ cloud strategy and migration services

Already in the cloud

1. Your current cloud environment and areas of interest
2. Features being used vs. the full potential of the cloud
3. Cloud cost optimization
4. Security best practices
5. The advantages of .femotronics 24×7 Cloud Managed Services model

Establish cloud KPIs

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are metrics that you gather about your application or service to measure how it is performing against your expectations. You may already have defined some KPIs for your applications and services, but are they still the right ones for an application or service once it’s in the cloud? The best KPIs for a cloud migration show how your in-progress migration is doing, illuminating visible or invisible problems that may be lurking within your application. Most important, perhaps, cloud migration KPIs can help you determine when the migration is complete and successful.

There are several key categories of cloud migration KPIs:


CategorySample KPI
User experiencePage load time
Response time
Session duration
Application/component performanceError rates
InfrastructureCPU usage %
Disk performance
Memory usage
Network throughput
Business engagementCart adds
Conversions and conversion %
Engagement rates

Application Data Cloud Migration

As your chosen cloud migration services company, our approach towards application migration ensures complete satisfaction, whether it is migrating files in small batches or entire virtual machines. We work closely with your operations team to evaluate server environment and data setup processes. Our solutions are ideal for mobile and wearable app developers, as our process involves a cohesive roadmap, it’s followed for data migration to the cloud. This further ensures there are no ancillary costs and downtime whatsoever, resulting in better customer experience.

Workload Cloud Migration

We believe that workload migration can directly affect your company’s bottom line. As a cloud migration service provider company, we have worked with clients having multiple requirements such as workload optimization and migration from on-premises to multiple hosted platforms. Our USP always has been our ability to migrate your database, workload files, and other relevant infrastructure while ensuring end-to-end compatibility to prevent any nasty surprises. Our workload migration services further make use of proprietary tools, customized processes, and the experience of an accomplished team to deliver truly seamless cloud migration results.

Data Center Cloud Migration

Cloud migration outsourcing is not an easy task, especially when you are faced with a choice of relocating entire business data centers onto the cloud. As your cloud migration expert, we leverage our proven framework and processes to complete the task without any associated downtime. Apart from helping you choose the right cloud-based models, we also help address questions and issues around maintenance costs, space constraints, lease amounts, etc. This comprehensive data center cloud migration allows you to work with a tailored solution that meets all your business needs. We also specialize in consulting international clients on how to relocate their data centers effectively and without any issue

Cloud Migration Performance Testing

As a premier provider of cloud migration services, we understand exactly why our clients come to us repeatedly with their cloud migration queries. Apart from performing all task related to cloud migration, we also help you test cloud-based applications which were migrated from your premises for stability, performance, speed, and efficiency. We understand the many complexities involved in cloud migration and ensure all the variables that concern you the most, such as scalability, stress factors, elasticity, etc. are tested for thoroughly. Our testing strategy is built on years of experience and takes into account multiple primary and secondary variables into account such as chief business drivers, operational goals, acceptance metrics, etc. Throughout this process, our database architecture specialists and cloud migration experts ensure all your queries are answered for complete satisfaction.

Post-migration Cloud Monitoring

After successfully migrated to the cloud. there further issues that will come up. smallest issues can lead to devastating losses in ROI, and performance needs to be continuously optimized while ensuring a proper reporting structure is followed. Our cloud migration outsourcing services allow you to reduce IT maintenance costs while ensuring there is no performance reduction whatsoever. Our team of post-migration consultants and support teams can easily assist you from both on-site and off-site locations, allowing you to benefit exponentially while keeping costs under check.